Who Killed Damien Mallory?

How to solve this murder mystery . . . .

The idea is that you are all working together to solve a fictional crime that has been designed to have a lot of clues. Some clues will eventually lead you to determine who the criminal is. There are a number of suspects and you have to use questioning and evidence to determine the murderer. Focus on the evidence to convict the heinous criminal.

Strategies to try

Interview the characters to find out their motives.

Ask any questions that seem relevant.

Compare fingerprints.

Examine the kitchen and the victim.

Think about all the potential evidence*: fingerprints, soil, cryptic notes, fibres, and so on.

* Note that there could be clues that lead nowhere. You can only be sure that you have found the killer when multiple clues lead you to one person and that person needs to have a motive to kill Damien.

The Characters

Smeared fingerprint of victim

Fingerprints found on potential weapons in rooms of suspects

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