Home Learning

“Children don’t need to be taught how to learn; they are born learners. They come out of the womb interacting with and exploring their surroundings. Babies are active learners, their burning curiosity motivating them to learn how the world works. And if they are given a safe, supportive environment, they will continue to learn hungrily and naturally – in the manner and at the speed that suits them best.”

Wendy Priesnitz

What would home learning support look like?

If your children are learning at home as self-directed learners, world schoolers, unschoolers or are unable to attend school due to the pandemic, I would be thrilled to help support your children’s learning.

​As a BC-certified teacher, I am qualified to teach the following subjects: reading, writing, math, science, social studies, coding/game design (Applied Design), art, and physical education/health. When there is interest, I am happy to teach topics that are not usually included in the curriculum. I have designed curriculum and am willing to tailor programs to the needs to those following a provincial or state curriculum or those who are taking a more flexible approach to educational goals.

​When possible, I prefer to take a project-based approach to most subjects. In math, this might include creating a board game to teach probability or creating sophisticated 3D shapes with paper. In science, we might be building a Rube Goldberg Device to teach physics concepts and problem-solving. In social studies, we could be working on a historical diorama of a First Nations settlement. I could also work with your child to create a multi-subject project such as writing a detailed story and using Scratch to animate it or develop a game based on the tale.

​Please contact me if you have questions or ideas you’d like to try. I have a taught in a wide variety of settings and would be thrilled to create a program tailored to your children’s interests and learning needs.

(* In person teaching will be considered for families that are following science-based covid 19 protocols.)

There currently is some time available in January for home schooling support.

To be clear, there are some times during school hours* that I am available to teach. My schedule for January 2022 and onward is still being decided. If you would like a teacher or tutor during school hours, please contact me and set something up. By January, I expect to be booked during these hours if the amount of work I did this fall is any guide. Feel free to contact me over the Xmas holidays.

*Please note that after school tutoring hours are mostly booked.

Please contact me

I took the wait list down for home schooling support.

Contact me by email (sciencenerd AT protonmail.com – replace AT with the @ symbol – this helps me avoid spam), phone (604-358-2497) or through the contact form below to discuss home learning support or instruction.